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Wright, von
Arms: Azure three broad or wright’s axes palewise Argent 2 and 1 on a chief indented Or four spearheads points upward Proper.

These arms are for the Scottish family of Wright, specifically the Wrights of Langside. Originally we thought broad axes could be rendered as battleaxes and so informed the artist, but we were wrong when we learned these Wrights were wheelwrights so the axes had to be broad or wright’s axes even in the new noble von Wright arms of Sweden.

The Wright family, lately of the Wrights of Langside were wheelwrights who emigrated from Dundee, Scotland, to Narva, Sweden in the middle 1600s. Narva is in what is today Eastern Estonia next to the Russian border, but back then was part of Swedish Estonia or Livonia.

In the middle 1700s the Wrights had distinguished themselves as Swedish Naval officers. One Georg Henrik Wright, together with his brother and father for their services were ennobled as untitled nobility in Sweden in 1772 and introduced in 1776 under the number 2077 so founding the Swedish & Finnish noble family of von Wright. Subsequently the family moved to Finland and matriculated there in 1818 under the number 145. The arms granted in Sweden remained unchanged when matriculated in Finland. In recent times a member of this family distinguished himself as a professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University in England. And so, the von Wright family exists to this day in Finland.

Note: We believe that Georg Henrik von Wright was an ancestor in the paternal line of the famous Marshal of Finland, Freiherr (Baron) Carl Gustaf Mannerheim 1867-1951.

The artwork is an interpretation of John Hamilton Gaylor

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