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John William Rosenbröijer

ARMS: Parted per pale and in sinister per fess: 1st Argent three roses in pale Gules barbed and seeded Proper; 2nd Azure a crescent Argent; 3rd Gules a cross paty Argent.

SOURCE/NOTES & CREDITS: Blazon text and background illustration: Blazon: By D.Q. Wedvick from viewing the background illustration. The background illustration: page 344, “Finland’s Adels Kalender 2001”, ed. Johanna Aminoff-Winberg, Riddarhusdirecktionen, Helsingfors, 2000. The blazon was reworked by J.H. Gaylor and text adapted by D.Q. Wedvick from From page 352, “Finland’s Adels Kalender 1944”, ed. Tor Carpelan, Riddarhusdirecktionen, Helsingfors, 1944, page 358, “Finland’s Adels Kalender 1956”, ed. Torsten G. Aminoff, Riddarhusdirecktionen, Helsingfors, 1955, page 373, “Finland’s Adels Kalender 1968”, ed. Torsten G. Aminoff, Riddarhusdirecktionen, Helsingfors, 1968, and personal knowledge developed over the years.

Lt.Col. John (Jack) William Rosenbröijer, b. 19 Jan 1887 A Finnish (Swedo-Finnish) nobleman ( Swedish noble nr. 404 from 1647) & ( Finnish noble nr.187 from 1823) A cadet of the house, he was a career Army Infantry officer in the WW1-WW2 period. Awarded over the years for gallantry in action, Finland’s Freedom Cross 2nd Class, 3rd Class [twice] and 4th Class, all with Swords. We think we once owned his Cross of the 27th Jagers. This organization, an Imperial German Infantry battalion, which fought on the Eastern Front in the period of 1916-1918, had some 2000+ volunteers from Finland who returned to that country to fight in her War of Independence in 1918. These men provided the backbone of the Finnish Officer Corps for the next 50 years. We believe Jack was one of these men ( we will have to do some checking on this in the Fall of 2010 when we will access to the needed sources. ) The Cross of the 27th Jager was a breast badge considered half-official by the Finnish Army and allowed for wear on their military uniforms. Jack’s Cross, cased and with the miniature, was donated to and may be viewed at the Price of Freedom Museum (Vapauden Hinta Museo) at Finland House, Lantana, Florida, USA. Rosenbröijer died after 1956 and before 1968.

Descended from an Antonius Bröijer a member of the Commission setting up the government machinery of Ingermanland (Ingerimaa) ( for easy reference: the lands around St. Petersburg and today a part of Russia ) in 1647 for which he was ennobled in that year and introduced in 1649 as an untitled noble.
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The artwork is a rendering by John Hamilton Gaylor.

Wedvick Armorial, 140, Rosenbröijer, 20100419
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