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Drummond-Murray 4
Peter (William Edward Peter Louis) Drummond-Murray of Mastrick (1929-2014)

When we learned of the death of Peter Drummond-Murray, we remembered the July 2003 “Tak Tent” article and contacted the artist Mark D. Dennis for permission to reproduce the image of the hatchment he created for PDM. He gave his permission but suggested we contact Jim Floyd, the current editor of “Tak Tent” for an image, etc. and to be sure to blacken the left half now that PDM was desceased. This we did but Jim replied he didn’t have the files of Tak Tent for the period.

Sooo, now what…Thought for a moment then contacted Anthony Maxwell who was the “Tak Tent” editor in 2003. Eureka, he had the image but … was away for a few days but would sent it to me upon his return and would make a second image for me with the left half blackened.

Yesterday the images arrived, one original and one blackened each of about 6.9 MB plus the original PDM written “Be prepared” article from the July 2003 “Tak Tent”. So we reduced the images for up loading and this is what you are seeing above. Be sure to click on the image to fill your screens. Remember, in real life the painted hatchment stands 56” tall.

PDM married Barbara Mary Hope, youngest of four daughters ( daughters only no sons )
of the 2nd Baron Rankeillour and in the Scottish tradition she could use his arms. PDM had Mark Dennis create arms of alliance so doing for the hatchment.

The blazon for her arms are Azure, on a chevron Or between three bezants, a bay leaf slipped Vert, a bordure ermine.

Her father the 2nd Baron died in 1958. Then shortly after, Peter and Barbara’s first son, Andrew was born, also in 1958. They were to go on and have three more sons and a daughter.

The 2nd Baron Rankeillour was succeeded by his brother as 3rd Baron who lived to 1967 and was succeeded by his son as 4th Baron who lived to 2005 but who had no heir.

The current 5th Baron Rankeillour is a cousin descended from the youngest son of the first Baron.

The Barons Rankeillour descend from the 2nd Earl of Hopetoun ( created in 1703 in the Peerage of Scotland ) and are kinsmen to the Marquesses of Linlithgow.

2014 0420 Easter Sunday.
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