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Pius 5th, Pope & Saint
Antonio Michele Ghislieri, OP, St. Pius V

Arms: Bendy Or and Gules. In Italian the blazon reads: d’oro a tre bande di rosso.

SOURCES, NOTES & CREDITS: Sources for blazon: Heraldica Collegii Cardinalium, 1198-1799, M.F. McCarthy, page 295 and “Heraldry in the Vatican”, Jacques Cardinal Martin, 1987, page 92. Sources for illustration: Heraldica Collegii Cardinalium, 1198-1799, M.F. McCarthy, page 295; and the internet Wikipedia article on Pius V.

Antonio Michele Ghislieri, OP, was born 17 Jan 1504 in Bosco in the Duchy of Milan. At the age of 14 he entered the Dominican Order ( OP ), ordained a priest in 1528 in Genoa, he became a lecturer for 16 years and at Parma he formulated thirty propositions in support of the papal chair and against the Protestant Reformation. He then became a master of novices and then Prior of a Dominican Priory.

In 1556 he was named Bishop of Sultri by Pope Paul IV and in 1557 named a
Cardinal and inquisitor general of the Church. He was named Bishop of Mondovi in Piedmont by Pope Pius IV in 1559. He was frequently called to Rome for his advice and consultation in various papal affairs of state.

In 1566 he was elected pope as Pius V. He is notable for his role in the Council of Trent, the Counter-Reformation, the standardization of the Roman rite in the Latin Catholic Church. He declared St. Thomas Aquinas as a Doctor of the Church.
(St. Thomas was the fifth person to be so declared). Pope Pius arranged the formation of the Holy League, an alliance of Catholic nations to combat the advances of the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe. Vastly outnumbered the Holy League defeated the Ottomans in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571; after which the pope instituted the Feast of Our Lady of Victory. Considering his interests were orthodoxy, reforms and his leading role in the counter-reformation; it is not surprising he excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I of England for her Protestant zeal.

Pope Pius V died on 1 May 1572. He was beatified 1 May 1672 by Pope Clement X and was canonized a saint on 22 May 1712 by Pope Clement XI. St. Pius V was the last pope made a saint before St. Pius X on 29 May 1954 two and one half centuries later. They say the cause is harder on popes.

The artwork is an interpretation by John Hamilton Gaylor.

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