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0002 ozz SSA Virtual AGM Oct 2022
Society of Scottish Armigers


The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 1:02 PM (US EST) who welcomed those attending.

21 members were on the zoom call including 8 Board, 3 Officers, and 3 new armigers.

The meeting agenda was approved. It had been forwarded via email by the Secretary prior to the meeting.

The SSA will have a presence at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in October 2022, by sharing a game tent with Clan McAlpin/McAlpine.

Chairman’s Remarks:

SSA Chairman, Earl of Eglinton and Winton, forwarded a written report that was posted on the SSA website. He also addressed the group on the move to Scotland and his activities in support of SSA.

Vice-Chairman’s Remarks:

Andrew, Viscount Dunrossil, outlined the various meetings he has attended in support of SSA and Scottish heraldry and heritage in general. He is recognized as a great ambassador for all things Scottish. Discussed the trend for joint tent space at games and events including adding our name to the games/events program for visibility.

Note: The Chairman requested a certificate be produced recognizing Andrew’s many accomplishments in support of Scottish activities and organizations both in the US and Scotland. To be prepared and forwarded by Bill Boswell of Toberchurn.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary’s Report is posted on the SSA website. The Secretary stated that we have 93 Regular members, 2 Associate members, 1 Junior member, and 1 Organization. All received correspondence has been answered and new Board of Governor members need to be elected for those whose terms are expiring plus the election of a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Secretary noted three new members were on the call and that Ekron Crow was promoted to Knight of Justice in the Most Venerable Order of St. John by HM Queen Elizabeth II. The Secretary is working on another Joint Royal Heraldry Society of Canada and SSA AGM.

Treasurer’s Report:

The EXCEL text of the Treasurer’s Report was formatted in Word and placed on the SSA website. Currently, the account balance is $3,751.08.

Election of new Board of Governor Members:

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to elect those Board members whose term of office was expiring for another term of office.

Terms ending AGM October 2025:

Donald Draper Campbell
Maj. Randal Massey of Dunham, USA (Ret.)
Charles McKerrell of Hillhouse
Earl of Eglinton & Winton
LCDR. John Glynn of Glynstewart, USN (Ret.)
Col. Wayne Morgan, USA (Ret.)

Election of new Officers:

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to elect the current Chairman and Vice-Chairman for another term of office.

Terms ending AGM October 2025:

Chairman – Earl of Eglinton and Winton (Hugh)
Vice Chairman – Andrew, Viscount Dunrossil

Action Items from AGM:

1. A motion was made, seconded, and passed by the Board of Governors in attendance that our Chairman, Earl of Eglinton and Winton, be made a Fellow in the Society in light of his extraordinary service to the Society. Bill Boswell of Toberchurn will prepare the certificate and forward it and the neck decoration to the Chairman.

2. The Secretary will forward a copy of the current Society trifold information brochure to the BOG for their comments.

3. The Chairman appointed Bill Boswell of Toberchurn, Glen Cook of Kingerly, Kevin Conquest, and Michael McAlpin to review the current Society by-laws and propose any changes.

4. The Chairman requested that Glen Cook of Kingerly and Donald Draper Campbell look at updating the current website. To include costs. Etc.

5. Glen Cook of Kingerly recommended that Honorary Membership offers be forwarded to Lyon Court staff. Chairman to obtain names and extend invitations and Bill Boswell of Toberchurn to assist with preparing certificates.

6. Vice-Chairman and Secretary to work on a kit to be used by non-SSA organizations/Clans to promote SSA.

Any comments or questions please forward them to:

Being no further business, a motion was made, second, and passed to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 12:21.

The next AGM is to be determined at the next BOG meeting.


Lieutenant Commander John Glynn of Glynstewart, CSt.J, FSA Scot, MBA, USN (Ret.)

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