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07. Captain Eliab Harvey
Arms: Or in chief indented Sable three crescents Argent

Crest: A dexter hand couped at the wrist and erect proper,
over it a crescent reversed Argent.

Mottoes: Above the crest: TEMERAIRE
and below the shield: REDOUBTABLE ET FOUGEUX


Dexter: a Triton holding in the exterior (dexter) arm a trident Or
resting on his shoulder and entwined with a branch of laurel proper.

Sinister: a horse (rampant) Argent gorged with a Naval Crown Or,
The rim inscribed TRAFALGAR Sable, pendent there from a ribbon
Argent fimbriated Azure securing a representation of the gold
Trafalgar medal.

SOURCES, NOTES & CREDITS: “The Double Tressure”, 2005, No. 28, The article “Nelson’s Captains” by the late Peter Drummond-Murray of Mastrick on pages 55-57 for background and the Wikipedia article on Eliab Harvey.

Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey GCB (5 December 1758 – 20 February 1830) born in Chigwell, Essex to William and Emma Harvey was an eccentric and hot-tempered officer of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars who was as distinguished for his gambling and dueling as for his military record.

Harvey's naval reputation was largely based on his experiences at the Battle of Trafalgar, when he took his ship HMS Temeraire into the thick of the action. He used Temeraire to force the surrender of two French ships of the line and later created his family motto from the names of his opponents in the engagement; "Redoutable et Fougueux".

The artwork is an interpretation of Mark D. Dennis done for the 2005 "Double Tressure" article and used with his permission.

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