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Arms: Tierced in pairle 1st Argent a star of six points in chief irradiated and shining upon a symbol of the Holy Trinity in base Sable 2nd Azure a sinister hand fessways garbed and erased at the forearm holding a group of three arrows points downwards Argent 3rd Gules a lion rampant crowned Or.

SOURCE, NOTES & CREDITS: The illustration for background and some of the text is from "Messeboken" ( Missale Romanum )( in Latin and Norwegian ) published by by the Roman Catholic Diocease of Oslo, Norway, 1961. And further text from the website Catholic Hierarchy particular to Bhp Mangers. Additional text from the personal memory of the editor, Dwyer Wedvick of Jarlsby. We wish to state here that not only did John Gaylor execute the artwork working from a really tiny tricked B&W illustration but created the matching blazon as well for which we thank him heartly.

Many years ago, 1960-1961 to be exact, we lived and pursued our education in Norway, among other things learning Norwegian. Being a Catholic and getting to church in a then 99.9% Lutheran pure country was ornerous to say the least. We had then over one hundred cousins spread all over the country and all were Lutheran.

In any event, the Catholic Bishop of Oslo was my bishop and he produced the missal mentioned above. I was fortunate to obtain a copy as within a few years the Catholic Church changed the rite of the mass making my missal obsolete. Am sure one would be hard put to find a copy anywhere today.

Bishop Jacques Mangers, S. M. was born on 18 Mar 1889 in Stolzemburg, Luxembourg and was appointrd Bishop of Oslo, Norway on 29 June 1953. Norway at that time did not have enough Norwegian Catholics for the pope to pick a native Norwegian and so imported a bishop from Luxembourg for the position. Bishop Mangers retired on 25 Nov 1964, and died in Luxembourg on 7 Jan 1972, at age 82.

The artwork is a rendering by John Hamilton Gaylor.

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