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A Hatchment for the Duke of Edinburgh
Tuesday, 14 September 2021

We have here the magnificant hatchment for the late Duke of Edinburgh,
Prince Philip, painted by the eminent heraldic artist Mark D. Dennis, formerly Ross Herald Extraordinary which was published today by Lyon Court, the Heraldry Society of Scotland Blog and Twitter.

Mark was kind enough to personally give me permission to republish his image of his painting here on the SSA website. Below is a decription in his own words regarding his wonderful painting:

The hatchment displays the Duke's (second) grant of arms - Denmark/Greece/Battenberg/Edinburgh, with his Greek Herakles and Battenberg queue fourchee lion differenced by being gorged of a naval coronet, as supporters.

The shield is encircled by the Garter and the Thistle collar and ensigned of his coronet as a Royal Duke. I placed the motto scroll a la ecosse above the arms to provide an off-setting background for the sable ostrich plumes of the Battenberg crest.

His badge and his cypher flank the achievement. Most significantly, I have incorporated the fouled anchor as Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom, a distinction granted him by HM in 2011. I know of no other depiction of his arms displaying it. It also gave me the opportunity to perch the supporters on its flukes.

The alert might note the true lovers' knot. This seemed most appropriate.

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