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2009-11 Stone Mt. USA Oct 09
Stone Mountain Games GA, USA 16-18 Oct 2009
Left to Right: Randal Massey of Dunham, Donald Draper Campbell,
Wm. Boswell of Toberchurn, SSA Chairman, and Brown McCallum

SSA News Bulletin, No. 1 Oct 2009
Dwyer Wedvick, Editor

SSA Interim Meeting at Stone Mountain, GA, USA, Oct 2009

Stone Mountain Highland Games – GA

We had an interim board meeting at these games on October 16th, followed by the traditional black-tie reception that evening and the Games themselves on the 17th and the 18th. The weather was uncooperative, by which I mean that instead of low 60s and partly cloudy it was low 50s and party rainy. Not enough rain to penetrate the roof of the Society’s tent, but, coupled with a bit of a breeze (not a balmy tropical breeze, mind) annoying enough. Your chairman, for once in his history of attending Games, had not brought his full daywear, and was reduced to a borrowed windbreaker, a tastefully wrapped British Airways blanket to supplement his kilt, and a knit wool sweater over all. Elegance personified!

The Chief of the Games was Ranald MacDonell of Glengarry, who, not coincidentally, is about to become our newest Chiefly member. Hugh Montgomerie was in virtual attendance owing to incipient foot surgery; he also insists he has gout, it being an aristocratic condition denied to hoi polloi. Cook of Kingerly was likewise in virtual attendance but Glen is not permitted to claim gout for another seven generations. Physically present were Boswell of Toberchurn, Massey of Dunham, Donald Draper Campbell, Brown McCallum, Wayne Morgan, and Young Lochbuie.
These are the last Games we’ll be present at until early next year.

Bob Harrison of the Glasgow, KY Games tracked the chairman down and extended a special invitation to all SSA members to attend their 25th anniversary Games June 3rd through 6th. He promises bread and circuses and much else to all of our members who come and the SSA will have all of our usual perquisites plus other special recognition. Much ceremony beyond the usual is planned.

Had Hugh been present in personam, as we say in the law, he would have been able to share wee drams from the special bottle of the water of life presented to him. We picked it up in his stead and made sure it was safe to consume. Sadly, after we had done so, there was nothing left to transport back to him for his own use.

Wm. Boswell of Toberchurn, contributor

Note: Photo images taken at this event are to be found in the Picture Gallery 2009, files 2009-11 thru 2009-15 photo credit Wm. Boswell of Toberchurn

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